Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whiskey Row Row: Fundraiser

I'm no art critic, but I honestly don't know how photographers make a living in this town.  There are SO many really lovely photographers who do such a good job making use of the web for self-promotion.  If I were to get married (don't be mean, peanut gallery-- no need to roll your eyes and say, "Yeah, right), I wouldn't even know where to begin-- there are SO many choices.

And speaking of art critics, I also leave stuff like historical preservation to the experts (although, fun fact about Mama: I once very seriously considered pursuing a Master's degree in Historic Preservation at Tulane).  Broken Sidewalk has that covered locally. 

That being said, I've been very concerned with this whole Iron Quarter/Whiskey Row flapdoodle.  Our Market/Main downtown area is just frigging blossoming these days.  It's terribly exciting.  Hey, I have a great idea-- let's tear down some historic structures!  

As I said, I'll leave the preservation talk to the experts.  Start here with Broken Sidewalk's coverage of Cobalt's move toward demolition.  

Sorry, right, what does that have to do with photography?  (Expect me to be all kinds of scattered until the end of May.)

Local photographer, Billy Grubbs, is offering prints of a gorgeous photo of Whiskey Row to help support the effort to turn these buildings into landmarks.  Prices start at $65.  Grubbs's work is really lovely-- kind of a retro, sepia sort of vibe.  But the picture of Whiskey Row is absolutely among my favorites on his website.

Buy some beautiful art and help save some beautiful buildings, Loueyvillagers!

(I was a little reticent to post this because his website didn't say actually what portion of the sales would go toward the preservation fund, but I did find an earlier fundraiser where Grubbs offered 100% of his photo shoot fee went toward Haitian charities.  So I feel pretty okay with sharing this.  I've emailed him to find out the exact % of the photo sales, and I'll update you when/if I hear back.)  

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