Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whiskey Row Fundraiser Update

Sorry, I can't edit ye olde blogge from the Meatspace Workplace.

Yesterday I blogged about local photographer, Billy Grubbs, and his beautiful photo fundraiser for the preservation of Whiskey Row.  I was unclear, however, about what percent of the sales would go toward the actual cause.  So I wrote Mr. Grubbs, and the lovely man wrote me back:  

Thanks so much for blogging about my photo!  I am giving 100% percent of the profits to the cause, however, there are costs involved so it won't be every dollar they spend.  Depending on the size of print they order, about 55-75% of what they spend will go to fund the buildings.

Right on, Mr. Grubbs!  We like this very much.  

Okay, Loueyvillagers, add to your art collection secure in knowing that you're supporting a good cause thanks to an awesome local artist!

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