Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NTDWL: Happy Towel Day!

Don't forget that this is Bring Your Towel To Work Day, geeks and ladygeeks, otherwise known as Towel Day!

Celebrate your love for the late, great, and hilarious sci-fi/fantasy author Douglas Adams by carrying a towel with you everywhere. I imagine it's a great way to pick up like-minded nerds in coffee shops and bars tonight.  "Hey, I couldn't help but notice your smoking hot beach towel.  I can't place the pattern.  Is that an Escher print or a representation of multiple Mandelbrot sets?" 

More information on at: http://www.towelday.org/

And although I am not as rabid a Douglas Adams fan as many of my geek brothers and sisters, I am fairly certain that without Douglas Adams there would be no Lou-the-writer. Thanks for all the fish, dude.

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