Tuesday, May 4, 2010

G. Love!

I don't normally promote music events here all that much, mostly because Backseat Sandbar does that job way better than I ever can. But one of my favorite live bands is coming to Louisville at the end of the month, and this is one show I want to make sure I don't miss.

I'm talking about G. Love & Special Sauce coming to Headliners on May 29. Here's a link to the Backseat Sandbar announcement.

If I end up seeing G. Love that weekend, he earns the special honor of being the only band that I've seen in every city that I've lived in during my adult life. (NYC, Tampa, Baton Rouge, NOLA, and here... fyi)

Shameful admission: Mama has STILL never been to Headliners. Isn't that dreadful. Let's rectify that, Mr. Love, eh?

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