Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Help a Sister Out: Staycation Recommendations?

So, my big fancy plans to head down to New Orleans for French Quarter Festival next week were bludgeoned by my stunning lack of funds. Mama decided to be a "big girl" for a change and use her tax refund NOT for oysters and beer in the Quarter, but for paying off a few bills and some pending household improvements. Boo, big girlness.

After a brief visit to New England to visit Big Mama Lou for her 60th birthday (if New England is still there this weekend... my hometown declared a State of Emergency today for flooding), I'll be back in town. But just because I'm sticking around doesn't mean I'm not decidedly BREAKING on my Spring Break.

So suggestions, gentle readers? What haven't I done around town or within a short drive that just needs to get done?

Tweetie @mizhellion already suggested:
I'm definitely planning on hitting Keeneland for a day. And because I'm a member of the Mellow Moment's club at Four Roses Distillery, I've been invited to a tasting of their 100th Anniversary Limited Release on April 9. (You know, you really really should sign up for all of our local distilleries' members clubs-- the special events and benefits are fun!)

Because Elk Creek Vineyards has been so kind to send me some wonderful wines over the past year, I might go check out their vineyards. They have a lodge there, so that's a possibility for an overnight.

Any other thoughts? Is there stuff right in my own backyard that I'm missing. (I'm the girl who spent five years in NYC and only decided to go to the top of the Empire State Building on her last day in town!)

Comment below, tweet me (@loueyville), or send me an email at lou (at) loueyville.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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