Friday, March 26, 2010

More Theater! Gasp! Last weekend for "A.D." and "Crossing Mountains"

Last summer, The Washington Post called Daniel Loehr's one-woman show "A.D." "one of six intriguing picks" for the Capital Fringe Fest in DC.  This weekend, the Riverrun Theatre (where Loehr is artist-in-residence) is wrapping up the Midwestern premiere of the show over in Madison, IN.  (Yes, I know, we run the risk of spontaneously combusting if we cross the river, but this show sounds worth it.) 

From their website:  

"She is woman.  Hear them roar." 
Attention deficits, afternoon delights, American dreams, artistic differences, anxiety disorders, art deco, atmospheric disturbances, antic dispositions, arrivals and departures, they're all here and then some.
As the saying goes, attention must be paid. The world is turning faster and faster, getting smaller and smaller every day. How can we possibly keep up? How do we sort the information from the noise? Can we cut through the static anymore? Do we even want to?

Wish I could make it, but I'll definitely cross the river for a show sometime soon. 

And I've heard nothing but awesome, glowing reviews of Looking for Lillith's "Crossing Mountains" at the Rud.  Also wrapping up this weekend.  Mama also totally blew seeing this one and is kicking herself.  My theater dance card just got all filled up by the Humana stuff.  But seriously, everything I've heard about "Crossing Mountains" makes me sad I missed it.  Go check it out!

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