Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Abundant Artsy Weekend

When it rains it pours, you know?  My schedule this weekend is tighter than those size 6 boots I just HAD to buy at the Zappos outlet because they were gorgeous and $25 marked down from a whopping $245.  Oh I love those boots.  Oh this weekend is going to be fun.  (Side note, anyone know of a diet that specifically targets one's calves? I need to drop about 1/2 inch in each calf by next winter.)

Local band Lucky Pineapple is heading to South by Southwest this year, and they're doing a preview show at the Rud this Thursday.  

Of course the Humana Festival is in full swing.  And don't forget that this weekend is Local Pass weekend!  (See my previous blog post).

This is also the last weekend for Walden's "When in Disgrace..."  I've been hearing really great stuff about this show, and I can't wait to see it.

I have two MeatSpace job obligations that keep me pretty busy on Saturday (both arts oriented, neither an obligation to which I grudgingly agreed).  But goodness, if I can I'd really like to hit the "World's Second Most Awesome Art Market" that Michelle of Consuming Louisville profiled this morning (I keep seeing those posters and they just make me happy.  Mostly for its use of the word "awesome.").   

If you haven't seen the Titanic exhibit at the Science Center (and I unfortunately have not), it closes this Sunday.  Hop on board ASAP!  (grim, Lou. grim)

I know there's more... I'll keep you posted.  Is it only Wednesday?  Well, happy Wednesday to you.

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