Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Humana Festival: Locals Pass Weekend! Don't Miss It!

I'm thinking that my first weekend at this year's Humana Festival was a good indication of what the rest of the festival will be like.  And because of that, I'm totally jazzed.  I can't wait for tomorrow night when I get to take in "Ground" and Sunday when I get to see "Phoenix."  

But here's why YOU should be jazzed right now.  This weekend is the "Locals Pass" weekend at the Humana Festival.  From March 5-7, pay just $40 and see as many plays as you can over the weekend!  You can purchase the pass online or at the box office.  The pass is only good for this weekend, but if there's a seat available for a play, your butt can be in it if you have this pass.  That means, if you play your cards right, you could see four plays for just $40 (PHOENIX, GROUND, FISSURES, SIRENS).

Clear your schedule. Send the kiddos to grandma's. Board the dog.  Pack a snack.  And have fun!  See you there!

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