Monday, March 22, 2010

Buy Local: Kentucky Blue Box Elk Creek Wine!

I know I've gone on record (@loueyville) as saying something along the lines of: "It would make my NCAA Tournament if Cornell kicked UK's butts in the Sweet Sixteen." But c'mon, I come by this sentiment fairly honestly.

First off, I'm a fellow Ivy Leaguer (oh yes, don't let this pretty face fool you; I also come by my nerdiness honestly and have the sheepskin to prove it). And seriously, I thought the only Ivy Leaguers who "got game" were on the fencing or crew teams.

Secondly, when you move to Louisville, you pretty much have to decide if you bleed Red or Blue. And I "Bled Red" before I even moved to this city. Back when Roommate and I were dating (you forgot we used to be a couple, didn't you?), he used to have one of Pitino's inspirational books in his bathroom. So I read up on Rick in the loo and thought: "This guy seems to really have it together. What a nice man with good moral character. I think I will be a fan of his team." (*spit-take*)

Thirdly, how do you NOT love a man named Tubby? That's all I'm sayin' about that.

But, oh you dear Elk Creekers, you did it again! Back in October, Elk Creek Vineyards sent me three bottles of their Halloween wine to try. And this month, they sent me their newest themed wine right in time for the NCAA Tournament. And I have to say, these people know me.

Just look at the picture! Don't you just want to hug it?

As I mentioned in my first review of the Elk Creek wines, I don't know what the heck I am talking about. A good 75% of the wine I drink at home comes from a box. And dammit, I LIKE wine from a box. It stays good longer, it's better for the environment, and there's LOTS of great boxed wine out there. And I'm happy to say that "Tailgate Red" is one of them. And with prices starting at UNDER $20 for the equivalent of FOUR bottles of wine. You can't beat that with a stick, folks.

But not only is "Tailgate Red" good red wine (I'm drinking a glass now and loving it), the packaging is frigging adorable. If you look closely at the picture, on the left there's a hoop for ping-pong ball basket ball and on the right is a goal post for table football. And they include a ping-pong ball and a sponge football in the box! I know I seem unreasonably excited about this: but this is a BOX of WINE that has BUILT-IN drinking games! How can you not LOVE that?

According to the Elk Creek website, you can't buy this everywhere, so here's a list of the stores that sell the Blue Box. And there are seven varietals available, Tailgate Red & White, Concord, Vidal Blanc, and Sweet Mellow White (that's good stuff-- I remember that from Halloween) for $19.99, and Cab and Chardonnay are $10 more. Elk Creek is located just an hour from Louisville. Mama's thinking it's definitely time for a road trip to visit them.

If I were a UK fan and I were planning a Sweet Sixteen watching party, I would so stock up on these things. They're-- as I said-- just too damn cute. AND when Cornell hands them their ticket back to Lexington, the party doesn't have to end-- you can play drinking games with the (I'm sure empty by now) boxes. Go Big Red! (sorry, I know I just made half of y'all hate me)

Disclaimer: I make no bones about the fact that Elk Creek sent this lovely, lovely thing to me for my consideration. But if I didn't like it, I wouldn't have blogged about it. All sentiments herein are genuine. I learned well from Big Mama Lou: "if you ain't got nothing nice to say then shut the heck up." I liked this for real.

More on the good folks from Elk Creek here.

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