Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walker's Paradise

I have always said that I live in the "best" neighborhood in the city. Not toniest. Just best. And one of the qualities of "bestness" that I rank super-high is Walkability.

The website WalkScore.com allows you to input any address-- I think anywhere-- and using Google technology the site determines what kinds of businesses and services you can walk to and then spits out your Walkability Rating. When I put in my address, my rating is a 91/100. According to the website, that means I have it better, walk-wise, than 99% of all Louisvillagers. Click here to see how they rank the neighborhoods (I live in #7).

Louisville comes out pretty good with an overall rating of #15 on the most walking-friendly cities. Click here to see which cities are MORE walkable than we are, and which ones aren't. Some of it doesn't feel very intuitive. LA is #9? Long Beach is a city? People walk in Austin? I thought they were required by law to drive Vespas.

One more reason to love Louisville!

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