Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Place You Weren't This Weekend

Hearsay told me that I missed something big when I missed the Dashboard Confessional/Louisville Orchestra concert in 2009. Now I can say for certain that each empty seat in the Kentucky Center's Whitney Hall tonight represented someone who truly missed out on an Event. With a capital "E."

I'm not particularly good with organization, so I may rescind this statement at a later date (though I doubt it), but I'm thinking that the Calexico/Airborne Toxic Event concert with the Louisville Orchestra tonight cracked my "Top Ten Concerts Ever" list." It was sublime. It was a joy. It was a frigging brilliant risk on the part of the Louisville Orchestra to invite these two, relatively little-known bands to participate in their "No Strings Attached" concert series. And what a pay-off.

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