Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here She Comes, Miss America

One of my shameful sins is my addiction to Entertainment Weekly Online.  I don't hit up the TMZs or the Perez Hiltons of the world.... I'm not interested in gossip so much as I'm interested in American Pop Culture.  And EW.com's many blogs deliver just that in little bite sized nuggets.  (Oh, and if you're a LOST fan and you DON'T read Doc Jensen's coverage of everything LOST, you're missing out on genuine, academic semiotic analysis of a brilliant show).  

Anyhoo.  This is just to say that over at EW.com they're handicapping this weekend's Miss America pageant.  And Ms. Kentucky gets a mention as one to watch.  She is pretty adorable (she's in the first video from :46 - 1:18). We here at Loueyville wish her the best of luck.  

That being said, I knew one of her runners-up pretty well, and that young woman would have made an awesome, super quirky Miss America-- have we had a hot nerd Miss America yet?  It's about dang time.

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