Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bah! Curse You JCPS and Your Fancy Getting Out 1 hr Early!

Yeah. I'll be at work all day, thanks for asking.

But seriously, I don't know if I've seen a prettier snowfall.  I just stopped one of my classes 10 minutes early and made all the kiddos go to the window and look out at the snow.  It was the most behaved and quiet I've seen this particular class all year.  It's that stunning.  

I sure do hate the cold and the idea of winter in general, but as long as I am inside and warm as a muffin somewhere, I do love me some snow.  Heck, you'd have to be the Grinch to not to love this kind of snow.

Anyway, I ramble. 

I wanted to bring to your attention this great event at the Frazier Museum that Michelle at Consuming Louisville posted about today.  It's Holiday Happy Hours celebrating Black History Month with Opera and free drinks and snacks.  I'll let her fill you in on the details.  

And... have you ever had something TOTALLY innocuous, something that has nothing to do with any part of your life, make you so unreasonably annoyed that the feeling of annoyance itself makes you crazy??  I feel that way any time someone utters the word "Octomom." Everything about that situation/person/circus is wrong.  

Well, I also feel the same way anytime I see the name "Yim Yames" in print.  I once Twittered asking for the story behind the change from Jim James to Yim Yames, and most responders claimed it was a joke that had taken on a life of its own.  But now any time I see the name Jim James, I also see "or Yim Yames."  WTF? ("why the face?") 

I know.  It's so silly for me to feel this way, but the whole Yim Yames thing has sworn me off this particular person and everything MMJ . I don't know him.  I don't know almost anything about him.  I have almost no knowledge of the band.  But I irrationally and without any basis in truth or reality think that the "Yim Yames" thing makes this guy sound like a pretentious turd.  It's like when Prince changed his name to that symbol only 100 times worse because (a) that was a pretty great symbol and (b) his name was Prince, for goshsakes, and it wasn't a stage name.  

Yes, I know Jim James is a fake name too, so why should my knickers be in a knot about "Yim Yames"?  I told you it's irrational.  AND "Yim Yames" is just lousy to say (unlike the word "Yemen," which is my new favorite word to say these days... and that's probably the only good thing you can say about Yemen).  

Anyway because of my batshit reaction to this name, I will not be blogging about (or going to) the upcoming Louisville is for Lovers shows.  But that's okay because as usual, Backseat Sandbar has you covered

Now go out and go sledding!


Linda said...

Totally agreed on the snow - I got to watch it falling all day at Coffe Land Intl. And I sang a song that went, "Big fat man snowflakes!"

John Wurth said...

I agree with the Yim Yames thing. As funny as Jim is supposed to be, that yoke is lost on Yohn Yurth here.


M said...

I know. It's so silly, Yohn. It is. And what makes me even more nuts is that every bit of local press about him is SO hyperbolic. Headlines like, "Everything Yim Yames Touches Turns into Awesome and Puppies." ARGH! -- Lou