Thursday, January 28, 2010

Et Tu, Kenny G?

Several days ago the HullabaLOU Festival announced that Richard Marx had pulled out of the line-up, breaking the hearts of middle-aged, mullet-headed women all throughout Kentuckiana.  You know, I'll say this for the guy (who has, actually, gone on to quite a far-ranging career as a music producer):  The mere mention of his name immediately conjures up memories of slow dancing at school dances.  I'll have "Hold onto the Night" in my head for the rest of the day.  The things that I do for you, Loueyvillagers.

Yesterday, I got a press release from the Louisville Orchestra saying that Kenny G. had pulled out of the Valentines Day Pops show for unspecified reasons.

Why are all the 80's smooth balladeers pulling the plug on their Louisville shows?  

From the press release:

"The Orchestra was in immediate contact with top artist agents and representatives in New York and Los Angeles to find a replacement.  Given the very short notice, and need for such an artist to have symphony charts, nothing suitable has been found to date. 
"I guess, in this case, the 'g' is silent, but the show will go on," commented Pops conductor Bob Bernhardt, showing his trademark humor.  "Kenny G was to perform on the second half of the concert.  We are working now to put together a dynamite Valentine's event for our audience.  Perhaps we can get Mr. G back in Louisville in a future season."
Details for the final Valentine's concert will be posted on the Louisville Orchestra's website in the coming days.  Ticket holders for the concert are being contacted by the orchestra to make them aware of the program change.  All tickets for the February 13th performance will be honored."

That Bob Bernhardt is one funny guy.  

I'm still thinking about going to the Airborne Toxic Event/Calexico show this Friday. I just wish tickets were a little bit cheaper.  Anyone interested in going with?

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sidio said...

That concert with Airborne is going to be great, but it's Saturday not Friday. Just a heads up so you don't show up while thery're plaing the Verdi Requiem on Friday.