Monday, May 4, 2009

Production Simple: Bringing the Hip

Seems like once a day I get an email from the good folks at Production Simple announcing a new show for their Spring/Summer line-up. Today's info was on the Old 97's at Headliners on July 24th and the Dead Weather on June 11th at Coyotes....

... As I typed that, I muttered aloud, "uhhh, that doesn't make sense..."

Yes, I am eloquent when I am da solo. Actually Roommate is here, so I'm not technically da solo, but he's working and I'm working so it feels that way.

Point being, I thought City Block was closed... and therefore Coyotes was closed. Hence my musing about Hanson the other day. I have asked the Twitter world what's up with that... if you know what's up with that, leave a comment or email.

Anyhoo, Production Simple. (Hey I guess I could email them and find out.) They were responsible for the breathtakingly good Lisa Hannigan show we saw at the 920 Listening Room (Not a fan of the venue... I don't want to start anything-- I know it's part of the Sojurn Church-- but the fact that you had to SIT and that the strongest beverage available was coffee made it feel a bit like a kiddie show. Please don't ever make me SIT when in the presence of great music. Fine, don't let me have a beer, but don't make me sit through Lisa Hannigan.) Production Simple was also responsible for the also breathtakingly good Greyson Capps show at Phoenix Hill a few months ago. (Those two venues: a study in contrasts.)

Other upcoming shows include the Decemberists, Conor Oberst, that Ben Sollee show that I'll probably never get around to buying tickets for, Jenny Lewis, Southern Culture on the Skids/Los Straightjackets, Gomez, and Lucinda Williams. Basically if you're a musical act that is way cooler than I am (not hard) and you're coming to Louisville, Production Simple probably booked you.

Check out their calendar for dates and ticketing info.


Anonymous said...

Ben Sollee is not to be missed.

buy now!

Billy Hardison said...

Thanks for the kind words.

The Dead Weather is in fact at Coyotes at City Block. They are honoring all pre-existing agreements. Tickets go on sale this Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Caught Sollee playing with The Sparrow Quartet at 'Roo last year. We've got a gem in this city. We've got lots of gems in this city.