Friday, May 29, 2009

Bonnaroo Tix Have Arrived! Let Summer of Awesome Adventures Begin!

Ah... Bonnaroo. This is year three for me & Roommate.

On the surface, Bonnaroo seems like the most un-Lou thing in the world:
  • I don't do drugs. And neither should you. (PSA brought to you by the "Ask Me About My Other Vices Coalition of America")

  • Despite the fact that I'm a liberal wing-nut, I don't particularly enjoy the company of hippies. (All that hula-hooping and hacky sacking and juggling sticks stuff makes me nuts.)

  • I am crowd-phobic. And I have a particular aversion to drinking in crowded places. (After my first day of drinking at New Orleans Jazz Fest, I never had another drink at Jazz Fest in the other seven years that I went. Booze + crowds + sun = freakout!)

  • I despise jam bands. (A twenty minute drum solo?? Really??)
But I do love my 'Roo. I do love camping. I do love any excuse to be dirty. (Yeah, take that however you want to, dear reader.) There are few things I love more than good music outdoors. I love the (overpriced) food. I love the marketplace, even the stalls that sell the strange hippy shit. I do love drinking back at the tent, listening to bands in the distance. I do love the people watching. It's all good. It's all fantastic.

But 'Roo '09 is just stop one in Lou's Summer of Awesome Adventures. The day after we get home from Bonnaroo, I'm hopping a plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia where I will be meeting up with a friend that I haven't seen in probably fifteen years to accompany him on a road trip through Newfoundland and Labrador.

Have we been in touch all these fifteen years? Uh, no. Am I basically taking a two week roadtrip with a Facebook Friend? Uh, yes. That's why it's called an Adventure.

What's the worst that could happen? (Rest assured, we have many mutual friends, all of whom attest that he's not a crazy ax murderer. Phew.)

Then we're back in the Ville for the month of July and then off on a solo road trip up the East Coast from Baltimore to Boston and beyond. Thelma and Louise without the Louise and without the whole-driving-a-car-off-a-cliff thing.

Why is Mama filling you in on her summer plans now? Because the Summer of Awesome Adventures officially begins in around six hours. (Cue: "School's Out for Summer!") Woo Hoo!

I'm looking for local adventures, too! I'll keep you posted!


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