Monday, May 25, 2009

Party Without Me: Waterfront Wednesday and DCE Afterparty

Mama double-booked herself for this coming Wednesday and is none too pleased. That means I'm going to have to miss Waterfront Wednesdays, my "happiest day of the month," and will have to probably miss the afterparty at Derby City Espresso.

I know squat about the Meat Puppets, but I'm just sad to miss the festivities in general-- WW is never a bad time. And Matt at DCE is featuring Slithering Beast and $1 PBRs starting at 10pm. Sounds like a great night for someone-- just not me!

Other stuff Mama's going to miss later this summer: June's Waterfront Wednesday... sniffles... and the June 26th Better than Ezra show at 4th Street Live. Heartbroken!! My first real vacation in two years or staying home and seeing WW and Better than Ezra? Sorry, kiddos. I'll take the wilds of the Atlantic coast of Canada, thank you. Have fun without me!

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