Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon Randomness

Happy Wednesday, boys and girls! How can you not be chipper on a day as beautiful as this? It’s a good day to be a Loueyvillager. Here’s some Wednesday Afternoon Randomness for you.

· Lou over at [ahem, THIS Lou raises her broadsword over her head and bellows: “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!! Then she puts it down because she’s a lover not a fighter]** has awesome coverage of the free concerts being offered at the KY State Fair this year. Highlights include Peter Frampton (9/20), the Oak Ridge Boys (8/23), and Mama’s favorite on the list: The Wallflowers (8/28). I was skeptical that Jakob Dylan was still touring with his old band, but it looks like he is. Check out Lou’s [“ONLY ONE!!”] write up here.

· Michelle at Consuming Louisville has a great post today informing all veterans, current members of the armed services, and spouses of deployed military personnel that they can eat free (up to $30) at Avalon on Bardstown Road on Memorial Day. What a nice thing for Avalon to do! Good Loueyvillagers!

· Speaking of Ms. Michelle, her book drive continues.

· Speaking of stuff I’ve spoken of before, a reminder that there’s all kinds of theater goodness going down this weekend (in addition to all kinds of music goodness—Reggae AND the Beatles? Methinks the city’s pot dealers will be living XL after this weekend.). Miranda Branson Branson Miranda continues. As does Bent & I am My Own Wife. I was lucky enough to catch BENT last weekend, and it was awesome. Very powerful. Bring a hankie.

· Having coffee today with Hatch Creative to go over Lou’s new look. Big, mushy, “I love you, man” sort of post about Hatch Creative coming soon. Seriously. Love them!

That’s all for me for now. Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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