Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm all about celebrating the awesomeness that is native to this under-appreciated city. But let's face it, we still have a little bit of an "image problem" when it comes to people who've never been here before.

When I was first brought to Louisville for a job interview, I-- no joke, no hyperbole-- was kind of hoping I would break my leg or something before the flight. I was certain I didn't want to move to Louisville and was kicking myself for even accepting the interview (hmmm... maybe I could break my leg by kicking myself?). My future employer made the mistake of housing me at a (very nice) hotel out by the Mall of St. Matthew and not giving me a car. I got to the hotel, called Roommate, and whined about how dreadful Louisville was.

The interview went well (obviously), and I dug the school and the kids. But when it came to the final interview of the day, I pretty much told my future boss exactly how awful I thought Louisville was. His response: "Oh God, no! Shelbyville Road is NOT Louisville"-- he promptly got on the phone and rented me a car, took me to dinner at Asiatique, and pointed me in the direction of Bardstown Road and Frankfort Ave.

We all know how that story ended.

So the other day when the Guy passed along an email from the Louisville Convention and Visitors' Bureau that lists all of the conventions and gatherings that are headed our way, I got really excited.

Lookit all these people who could potentially share my Louisville-conversion experience!  Lookit all these people who could fall in love and spread the good word of Louisville!

So I decided to start a new series highlighting some of the more interesting folks that are headed our way. I am so super excited about the first in the series: The American Handbell Ringers of Area 5. As soon as I decided to write this series I shot off an email interview to the Handbell ringers, and they got back to me in less than six hours.

Part of the point of this series is to give YOU Louisvillagers information about public aspects of these gatherings that YOU could attend-- for example, the Handbell Ringers give a public concert.  It's something fun and interesting for you to do AND, it gives YOU the opportunity to rub elbows with and spread the good word about Louisville to some out-of-towners.  Make sure you tell them to enjoy downtown, but to also get out into the neighborhoods. Send them to NULU. Send them to Bardstown Road. Send them to restaurants that aren't TGIFridays and Starbucks.

Let's all be Louisville evangelists!

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