Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Diego Garcia Returns to Louisville!

Love this photo from METROMIX
Grumble, grumble... *stink-eye*

I'm still none-too-pleased with the folks over at Zanzabar, but it's very difficult to get around the fact that they're my favorite music venue in town. Oh... and TATER TOTS. Of course.


And there's no getting around the fact that Zanzabar is the only place to catch the return of Diego Garcia this weekend.

Garcia is once again headlining a night of music on April 14 at 9pm-- just five months after his last show at Zbar. I went to the last show, and it was pretty fabulous.  Just yesterday I was in the car listening to WFPK, and a song came on the radio, and I thought, "Why do I love this song so much? The moment it came on I was slammed by a wave of happiness." Turns out-- Diego Garcia song.  Great music. Nice guy. Chatted briefly with Diego after the show, and he gave me the softest t-shirt... hey, the little things count when you're a starving blogger.

Anyway, I emailed Diego a few questions about his upcoming show.  Here are his responses:

LOU: You're playing Louisville during the craziest time of the year in Louisville... the build-up to Derby. What are your impressions of the Kentucky Derby? Decadent and depraved or stately genteel tradition? Something in between?

DIEGO: All of the above. Tradition is beautiful especially when it's part of the land. Crowds are scary.

LOU: You last played Zanzabar on December 10. We're so happy to have you coming back so soon. What was your experience like atZanzabar and in Louisville? Did you have any time to hit the town at all? Did you get to eat at Zanzabar? Did you have their famous tater tots?

DIEGO: Zanzabar is beautiful. It's real. Again, another iconic building and location. The food was also unreal but this time i will make sure to eat after the show and not before! And yes, the tater tots are the real reason were coming back to Louisville

LOU: Lindi Ortega opened for you last time you were here. Wow. Who can we look forward to seeing open for you in April?

DIEGO: Not sure yet but Rumor has it the band "the tater tots" are opening.

LOU: For those of us who went to the show in December, what new can we expect this time around?

DIEGO: A few new songs I'm working on in the studio. Neil youngs harvest moon has also made its way into the show. As well as a new petty song. It's all cool.

How nice of a guy is Diego? He (or his peeps, rather) sent along a free download for you!  Here's "Roses & Wine," folks!

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