Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finnegan's Festival of Funky Fresh Fun #5

How cute is this poster? (apparently this is for a play called "Death Hamster" and that makes it even more awesome...)

Last year was the year I finally got around to "discovering" Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble, so this year might be the year that I finally "discover" Finnigan's.

I sure do love ten-minute plays-- still trying to finish the one I started writing last year after Humana Festival. (This year's TENS at Humana Festival were particularly awesome).  I should probably consume as many ten-minute plays as I can.... you know, for research.

Here's what's on tap for this year's 5th Funky Fresh Fun:

 Finnigan’s Festival of Funky Fresh Fun’s plays include:  A coffee shop fantasy set to music in Playlist by Kate Barry.  A bank robbery split three ways in Stick-up by Zachary Burrell.  The heiress to a chocolate fortune and an ex-hockey star find themselves in an awkward predicament in The Chocolate Girl by David Clark.  Memories are hard things to throw away in Toast by Tad Chitwood.  Need someone who listens?  Need someone who cares?  Just call the On Call Empathy Team by Sarah East.  Aristophanes’ love life gets some revisions in Greek Tragedy by Andy Epstein.  Things are not what they seem, or maybe they are in Mitch Field’s Life is But a Dream.  Digging up dead bodies isn’t always easy, but Nick and Corey still try and have a good time in Nick and Corey Grave Rob by Nick Potter and Corey Music.  Show tune sing-a-longs are the least of these ladies’ problems in Women Who Love Gay Men by Brian Walker.  The mystery of the dead hamster has so many possibilities in Death Hamster! by Bryce Woodard.

The festival runs on April 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, and 14 at 730pm at the Bard's Town Theatre-- tickets are $15.

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