Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fund Drive Fun Times!

Once again it is fund drive time at Louisville Public Media. And for the second drive in a row, I'll be answering phones with some Loueyville blog readers and friends.

I can't possibly give Louisville Public Media what they're worth to me in hard cash (maybe next year when I have a big, fancy, high-paying job... a girl can dream), so volunteering and asking my readers to volunteer and pledge are just two little ways I can help make up the difference.

So give us a call-- we're working the late shift Thursday from 8p-11p. We're the only ones on the schedule, so if you call to pledge, you'll be talking to me or one of my readers!  I know! Fancy!

Or, if you're shy, you can pledge online here:

Call us at 502-814-6565. We'd love to talk to you!

Support public media and the wonderful people who work there!

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