Thursday, September 16, 2010

GO! Go go go go: Jug Band Jubilee 2010

After talking to Gabe Bullard, of Awesome Louisvillager fame, tonight about his experience watching Sarah Palin speak at the National Quartet Convention, I was sure I was going to pony up some bucks this Saturday to attend the NQC myself.  I know I wrote a rather... ummm...  less-than-flattering post about the NQC.  But my curiosity was so piqued... I thought I HAD to attend.

I started this blog back in May 2007 because the Creation Museum was opening just outside of Cincy, and I wanted to write about opening day (which, I contend, still ranks as my best blog post to date).  Based on Mr. Bullard's experience, I kind of figured that the NQC would be "Creation Museum Lite." Or not so "lite."

And then I got this email.  And I apologize wholeheartedly to Heather for not asking her permission to reprint it... but it was so good and so timely... I couldn't sit on it long enough to ask her...

She says:

No offense to the lovely people from the National Quartet Convention (especially because some attendees came to the Jug Band Jubilee last year) - HOWEVER - I promise you - in fact I guarantee it, if anyone who attends our fair festival on Saturday doesn't experience something more interesting than an ill-placed, 45 year old sneeze - I will refund every penny you spent on our free event.  :-)

Now you crazy people, she's offering a refund for a FREE event. So don't get your testy knickers in knots.  But wow, how cool?... 

I fully intended on hitting this event last year, but I ended up being sick that weekend.  It's Thursday night, and I feel as fit as a fiddle... So no ironic NQC posts from me.  Instead I will INDEED be attending the Jug Band Jubilee.  

I know Heather is right and that SOMETHING that happens at the Jubilee this year will be more notable than the aforementioned 45 year old sneeze. Go see America's Happiest Music on Saturday!  

Saying I will be there "with jugs on" sounds dirty and totally false in my case.  But GO go go go go!  

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