Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Night Randomness!

Just got back from the Jug Band Jubilee-- caught the last three bands.  It was my first time at the Brown Forman Amphitheater, and what a nice venue that is!  It's DARK though, like really dark after dark.  Next time there's a festival-y thing there, I'll do my best to arrive before sunset.  What fun!  Not only is the Jug Band Jubilee free, the beers are cheap ($4), and you're treated to jug bands and folk icons from around the country.  I happened to be lucky enough to meet up with Awesome Louisvillager Gabe Bullard who filled me in on the significance of the headliners:  Jim Kweskin and Geoff Muldaur, pioneers of the American folk music scene.

Thanks to Heather from the Jug Band Jubilee for reminding me about the event.  I'm so glad I went, and it will be on my "must do" calendar from now on.

In other news:
  • Tomorrow is the last day for Art in the Highlands on the campus of the Louisville Collegiate School on Grinstead east of Bardstown.  Get your Christmas shopping done early (!!) or see some great artistans and bands.  The art fair is open from 11am til 5pm on Sunday.
  • I REALLY enjoyed Andrea Davidson when she opened up for Charlie Mars at Zanzabar in the late spring.  But whoa, I got an email from her PR folks saying that she was playing her last show in Louisville for 2010 on September 21 at 10pm at "Dutchess Tavern."  Um, yeah... I googled the heck out of that and finally went to her MySpace page (yuck-- why do people still have MySpace pages?) and figured out that the PR folks meant Dutch's Tavern at 3922 Shelbyville Road.  Don't hold it against her...  she's awesome.  Put on a great show at Hullabalou, too.
  • Craft Beer Week starts on 9/24 here in Louisville.  I defer to Michelle, who already covered it very well on Consuming Louisville.  I absolutely plan on getting in on the "Junk Food Beer Dinner" on Oct 1st.  
Working through my backlog of press releases and such.  Hope you're having a GREAT weekend!


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