Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reds Stripping Louisville Bats' Starting Line-Up

In brief: this week, after pitching a game where he threw two-- TWO-- pitches of 105MPH, Aroldis Chapman was called up from the Bats to the Reds.  In his first game pitching for the Reds, he wowed them with a 101MPH pitch.

Today the Reds called up the lovely-named Yonder Alonso.  And rumor has it, they're about to steal my most favoritest player of the summer-- the also lovely-named Vladmir Balentien.

I'm gonna miss those guys.

But this weekend, Roommate and I took in two Reds games at the Great American Ballpark, and while Jay Bruce was the star of the weekend (I even bought my first sports jersey with someone's name on it-- BRUCE!), a close second-- and certainly the most consistent hitter of the weekend-- was our very own Chris "Paul Anka" Valaika**!  I was tickled pink & purple to get to witness Paul Anka's first homerun as a big leaguer.


** Yeah, no one calls him Paul Anka except Roommate & me.  When the announcer at Slugger Field used to introduce him "CHRIS VAL-AIKA" sounds a lot like "IT'S PAUL ANKA!!"

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