Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Reason to Love Louisville: Try to Prioritize This Weekend!

Phew, now that I have that off my chest...

It's time to delve into this crazy, exciting weekend ahead of us.  Seriously kids, it feels a little bit like the Derby build-up weeks, where there's so much going on it's hard to prioritize.  You're not hearing any complaining from me.  Quite the contrary.  I LOVE the fact that the folks who are in town for something like the Idea Festival are confronted with a Louisville that is bursting at the seams with brilliant, exciting, and diverse possibilities.  It's awesome PR for us, Louisvillagers.  So if you find yourself cursing the fact that you have to make hard choices this weekend, remember how good weekends like this are for the future of travel and tourism in Louisville.

  • You know I love me some Idea Festival.  I'm so lucky that I get to go tomorrow all day for work and on the company dime.  I am all a twitter over this, and that's wicked appropriate seeing that one of the speakers tomorrow is Dom Sagolia, a co-founder of Twitter.  The lecture I'm most looking forward to, though, is the 9am "Life Before Life," by Dr. Jim Tucker, a doctor who is studying children who believe that they have vivid past-life, pre-natal, or birth memories.  Check out the Idea Festival schedule here.  And be proud that our city hosts this kind of event, one that celebrates genius and innovation-- especially in a culture that seems to be increasingly anti-intellectual...
  • Speaking of Idea Festival, are you regretting not going to see the Janelle Monae concert last night?  While Waterfront Wednesday with Great Big Sea was fantastic, I'm hearing things about the Monae concert that are making me very sad I missed it.
  • And, you know, speaking of reasons to be proud to live in Louisville, I still believe that Walden Theater is one of Louisville's treasures.  This is the last weekend to catch what I've heard is a great production of Tennessee Williams's rarely produced "Camino Real."  Shows are at 7:30pm Friday and Saturday and 2pm on Saturday.  I'll be there for the Saturday matinee.
  • I'm not a big fan of the St. James Court Art Fair.  Just too crowded and non-local for me.  But it's unfailingly listed on Best Art Fairs in the US lists.  So, I'll tell you this: if you haven't been, you really should go.  In that sense, it's a little bit like Derby-- even if it isn't your thing, you really should go.  Once.  It's hard to call yourself a Louisvillager if you haven't been.  
  • Of course, if you're hankering for LOCAL art, not artisans from all over the country, there's the UNFair in the back of the Mag Bar.  This year there seems to be less hoopla and controversy, which is a good thing. Honestly, the one time I went to the St. James Court Art Fair, the only art I bought was at the UNfair on the way out (a really cool Hunter S. Thompson t-shirt that I don't wear enough).
Are you tired yet?  I am...
  • The music line-up (FOR FREE) at this year's NULU Festival is hot!  Last year I volunteered there (wish I could this year, but I'm all last-minutey this weekend) and had a great time until we were washed away by a freak monsoon.  This year we've got the Fervor, Lucky Pineapple, the Pass (my new favorite local band), the Instruction, and Love Jones.  For free.  And it's being held in conjunction with VolksFest, so we're talking some seriously good beers on tap.  
  • This whole week has been Louisville Craft Beer week, and I've seriously neglected the sundry celebrations.  But I do intend to take advantage of tomorrow's Junk Food Beer Dinner at the Monkey Wrench and Germantown.  A bus crawl of seven bars?  Heck yeah.
If you're at home catching up on the new season of TV shows on (as I might normally be) this weekend, you're batsh*t nuts.  This is going to be a great weekend in Louisville.  Chilly temps, tons to do, the whole city out to play.  

I need a nap.

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Shiloh Walker said...

never been to St James...would to go once, but i had crowds and the traffic. O.o