Thursday, February 18, 2010

Young Survivor Auction & Benefit

One of the things the self-help books always tell you is that everyone's cancer journey is different. Let me tell you, as a survivor, that's been the hardest part of coming to terms with... being a survivor. Lance Armstrong screwed things up for the rest of us. Utter the words "I'm a cancer survivor" and suddenly folks assume you're strong, you're noble, you're some sort of whackadoo hero.

And no. I'm not. I had cancer. I didn't cure it.

And that's part of the reason I'm taking what I call my "pink hiatus." I spent my first year of cancer-hood jumping feet first into every breast cancer event/support group/conference/walk/talk I could find. And after a year... I was done. I have no doubt that someday I will "pink up" again. But it will be a while. Pink hiatus.

That being said, cancer does make some people better people. Cancer does change some people's lives for the better. And two of those people are Megan Schanie and Jana Eberle, founders of our local Young Survivors Network. I can't tell you how much these two women helped me in the early days of my cancer. They swooped in and helped me understand what would happen to me, helped me understand that I wasn't alone. They were good friends and great support, and they introduced me to this network of incredible, inspiring women.

So, the only event that would coax me out of my pink hiatus is the annual fundraiser for this group at the Frazier Museum on 2/26. I believe in these women and this cause with all of my heart. Ironically, it's unlikely that I will be able to attend this year. I'm having a cancer-related surgical biopsy the day before and will probably be too bleh to attend. (In my heart, I know if they knew why I wasn't attending, one of them would be at my house that night bringing me leftovers from the event-- that's the kind of awesome people that they are.)

I had a blast last year, and unlike many other silent auctions, most of the stuff at this auction is actually affordable. I came home last year with a gorgeous painting, a set of cocktail glasses, a salad bowl and tongs, and a gift certificate for a car detailing-- and I don't think I spent much more than $100 for all of it. The car detailing alone (oh, my car was so so grateful!) was worth close to $200.

So please go if you can. If I'm feeling the least bit up for it, I will be there. Here are the details.

Friday, February 26, 2010
6:00pm - 10:00pm
Frazier International History Museum
829 W. Main St

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