Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NTDWL: All in the Family

It is rare that you come across a person who is truly remarkable and perfect and talented in just about every way. And hey, who are we kidding? It's even rarer to come across a person like that and not want to (secretly, selfishly, jealously) kick them in the shins. (Gosh, I'm a jerk!)

Not to brag or anything: I happen to not only know such a rare bird, but I'm related to her!

My favorite person in the world just joined the blogosphere. If you love excellent food, great writing, and beautiful photography, you absolutely need to subscribe to my cousin's blog. My Kitchen Windowsill is brand spanking new and already a work of art. Beth is a rare bird indeed. I'm so excited to see how this blog unfolds.

That being said, I have a very talented and creative family-- wacky though they may be. There's a third Bloggin' Cousin online, and his habit/hobby landed him a feature spot on the awesome, geeky, gaming website The Escapist. The third Bloggin' Cousin is MOVIEBOB whose "Escape to the Movies" videoblogs are hilarious, intelligent, and infused with a really rich knowledge of film history (and often feature NSFW language, be warned!). I'm constantly impressed by his work. He also reviews video games and writes written "Intermission" blogs between video posts.

We are a chatty family. Thanks to our respective folks for encouraging our voices!

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