Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Lenten Promise-- It's all about YOU

Tonight as I was walking home from O'Shea's after having Mardi Gras drinks with friends-- a couple who are now two of my closest friends in Louisville and who I met, basically, through Twitter-- it finally dawned on me what my Lenten pledge should be. Sure, giving up stuff is always a good Lenten promise, but I have very few vices. I ain't giving up booze, and the thought of giving up any other creature comfort this Lenten season is complicated by the fact that I'm scheduled for surgery in two weeks. I already don't eat sweets or drink much soda. I CAN'T give up coffee. And all other creature comforts will be huge comfort to me post-surgery.

The alternative (in my mind, at least) is to make a Lenten Promise.

So here's my Lenten Promise: Between tomorrow and Easter, I vow to do everything that I can to meet, in person, at least ONE person I only know via the interwebs. As of today, I have 467 followers on Twitter and there are a bunch of people who subscribe to my blog. But, I probably only know about a dozen of those people in the Meatspace world.

Let's have coffee. Let's grab a happy hour drink. Let's go see a movie.

A few weeks ago, I met a guy I only knew thru Twitter. He asked me about BBQ restaurants, and we decided to check out the Ol' Hickory Pit together. And it was a total success (foodwise and friendwise). A week later we went to check out ELLA at Actors Theater together, and I'm hoping we'll meet for sushi sometime soon. What a lovely experience. I'd love to replicate it as often as possible in the next 40 days.

So help me make my Lenten Promise work. Email me at lou@loueyville.com or talk to me on Twitter @loueyville. Let's hang out.

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