Monday, February 8, 2010


So, it was the best Super Bowl ever.  Right?  I mean, come on... even my Colts fan friends-- including Roommate-- loved that game.  That two-point conversion.  The interception.  And Drew Brees holding his itty bitty Little Brees with those itty bitty headphones... just thinking about it makes me tear up.  The awesome realization that the Saints-- the SAINTS!-- won the Super Bowl.  Sean Payton saying today that he slept with the trophy and maybe "drooled on it a little."  

The only thing cuter than the new gorilla that was born at Louisville Zoo this weekend is mini-Brees.

The reason this post is so choppy-- I haven't had a coherent thought since last night around 10p.  Seriously.  I am stoned on disbelief.

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