Monday, February 22, 2010

An Embarrassment of Theater Options

"Embarrassment" is my favorite collective noun.

And for the next month and a half or so, we lucky Louisvillagers get to enjoy an embarrassment of incredible theater options. I'm so excited that I get downright squirmy if I think too much about it.

Of course the Grandaddy of said theater options is the Humana Festival, which kicks off this week. Every year, I promise myself that I am going to see as many Humana Festival plays as possible, and I've always maxed at out around three. Well, this year I've already secured tickets for four plays, and I have vouchers for two more. This is fabulous news. As always, the offerings for this year's Humana Festival look diverse and exciting, and as I have always said, it's almost impossible to not have a good night at Actors Theater. I'll do my very best to shoot you some reviews as I see the plays.

Seriously, kids. This is a national treasure in our backyard. The premier festival of New American plays ain't in New York or in LA; it's in Louisville. My "theater type" friends from college and high school are jealous that I live here because of the Humana Festival. You're missing out if you don't seize this opportunity.

Another city treasure is Walden Theater. One of my most popular posts on (which was picked up by the amazing Michelle from Consuming Louisville for her "One Thing I Love About Louisville" series****) was my review-ish thing about their production of My So-Called So-Called Life. This weekend they open When in Disgrace, I Hap'ly Think on Thee . And I am so excited to see it. Listen to this description from their website:

"Inspired by a true story, When in Disgrace (Haply I Think on Thee) weaves a tale of shattered hope and personal destruction as three close friends are torn apart by jealousy, neglect, guilt, and ultimately, love. Combining rock music, iambic verse, and video games, When In Disgrace explores what leads youngsters to extreme acts of violence, and the eerie similarity between teenage melodrama and classical drama."

A student of mine told me today that Walden is the "second-best" young adult theater company in the country. According to him, the BEST is one that has students full-time and charges megabucks for tuition. I don't know how "they" decide the "best" young adult theater company in the country. But I'll take his word for it. He's a pretty reliable chap.

And if that's not enough for you, the always satisfying Pandora Productions has a show opening on March 11. As Bees for Honey Drown (besides having an awesome title) is by the same author as last year's production of Little Dog Laughed. As Bees in Honey Drowned is about "the unquenchable desire for fame," con artists, screenplay writers, and a life of glamor. I'm probably not doing it justice.

I know there's more, based on lurking on the twitterverse. Send me info if you've got a theater production going up in the next six weeks ago, and I'll add it to the list of our embarrassment of theater options. Just one more reason (or in this case, an embarrassment of reasons) to love this city.

*** Sidenote: Y'all know I'm a total fangirl for Michelle at Consuming Louisville. Well, the lovely Miss MJ was named as one of the Leadership Louisville Connectors this weekend. An honor super well-deserved. Squee!


funambulator said...

You are so right! I'm not going to have time to see everything... even some of the ones I worked on!

A couple of my favorite peeps are in this (and I did sound design:

Some friends wrote and are performing in this:

I'm in this:

I'm in this and doing sound for it:

...and that's just March! Don't even get me started on April! Exciting times.

Erin said...

Slant! by Le Petomane opens on Thursday at the Rud. Gonna be awesome. Look for my preview in this week's Velocity.

Michelle said...

Thanks darling the fan girl love is mutual!

David J. Loehr said...

We're doing "A.D." up in Madison, IN, at the end of March. It's a show we took out to D.C. last summer for the Capital Fringe Festival. (The Washington Post liked it.) We've polished it since then, so it's even better.

And Funambulator's in a short play I wrote--among several other short plays--at the end of April...but that's April...