Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Too Disgusted to Write a Headline

I've been meaning to blog about local pizza icon John Schnatter's search for the 1971 Camaro that he sold to help save his dad's bar and to start Papa John's pizza.  It's a cute story with a cute website and a sort of feel-good nostalgic message. And really, what were the odds that the car wasn't sold for scrap a decade ago, right?
Wrong.  It actually turned out to be pretty easy to find the car. It had only been owned by two people since Schnatter. Schnatter bought the car for $250,000, as promised, and then threw a $25,000 fee to the previous owners as a "finder's fee." The car came home last week.  You've got one happy pizza guy and two flush families.  Nice.  All's well and good in the world, right?
WRONG.  What the heck???  How did this feel good story become so fraking.... fraked up??  First Owner-- the finder's fee woman-- is thinking about filing suit against Papa John for the entire $250,000. She's turning down the finder's fee.  Turns out she tried to buy the car back from Second Owner when she found out about the contest... ugh... this story just makes me so mad.  Read it yourself.

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