Friday, August 28, 2009

Scoot in the News

Barefoot and Progressive drew our attention to a New York Times article about scooter taxis that gave lots of great press to Louisville's own City Scoot. I know I've blogged about City Scoot before, but this article included several fun facts that I wasn't aware of:
  • Soon [Mark Roberts, founder of City Scoot] will introduce No Excuse for Drunk Driving, or NEDD, a nonprofit organization intended to take the success of his scooter program national.
  • [City Scoot] has delivered more than 50,000 consumers home safely since 2004.
  • The service is open seven nights a week, from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. The average cost of a ride home is about $20, though City Scoot has teamed up with local establishments, which help defer the cost, and with their help a ride could be as low as $9.
  • [City Scoot] works with Brown-Forman, the wine and liquor giant, which gives its 1,000 employees in Louisville free and anonymous access to CityScoot services... The company intends to work with NEDD in some fashion... Brown-Forman just completed a pilot program with Zingo [another scooter program] in Atlanta. (Bravo, Brown-Forman! sez me.)
Just a reminder: City Scoot's number is 502-566-6384. I have it programmed into my cell phone (though I have yet to use the service). You should too.

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Christine V said...

All good things. I have had there number in my phone for a few years and have used them. They ROCK!