Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wizard of Oz in theaters: Nightmares in Hi-Def

When Lou was a wee lass, she had recurring nightmares about flying monkeys and melting witches. She also had a little friend named Jenny who held her plastic tape recorder against the TV speaker for an entire showing of the Wizard of Oz and used to play the tape in its entirety, commercials and all, during just about every play date she had with Lou. Jenny also had the full-on Dorothy get-up: gingham dress, apron, ruby slippers, basket with a stuffed Toto. I'll give you one guess who got stuck wearing Jenny's mom's oversized black sweatshirt and running around screeching, "I'll get you, my pretty!!"

To celebrate the 70 year anniversary of the release of the Wizard of Oz, theaters nationwide will be presenting the first ever showing of the movie in Hi-Def. Locally, both Tinseltown and Stonybrook will carry the one-night event on September 23 at 7pm.

You can order tickets online, if this is your kind of thing. Me? I think I'll probably skip it. I've been battling insomnia for around two months now and am pretty sure I don't need to bring flying monkeys into the fore of my consciousness right now.

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