Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday Randomness: Swayze, Kanye, Jugbands, and more

How about this weather, Louisvillagers? Can't beat it. It's hard to stay sad for too long when the weather is this beautiful. And Lou's been battling the blues this week:
  • First there was Sunday's season-ending loss for the Bats at Slugger Field. Thanks to our Bats for providing another amazing year of some of the best cheap fun to be had in Louisville. Those damn Durham Bulls. They're our Captain Hammer.

  • And now Swayze. Sigh. If you haven't seen him in Keeping Mum with Rowan Atkinson and Maggie Smith, rent it now.
On the positive side of things:
  • Hear Obama call Kanye a "jackass." Yeah, I know it was supposed to be off the record and all that, but I couldn't help but beam when I heard this. Especially considering my one degree of separation from the Taylor Swift scandal. Obama's probably going to catch crap for this, but I love it!

  • I came home from work today all fired up to make some beef stroganoff but not really wanting to head to the grocery store. And then I was reminded that it's two-for-one burger night at the Monkey Wrench. I always forget that the Tuesday deal at the Monkey Wrench is one of the best cheap eats deals in town. I'll hold off on the stroganoff.

  • Don't forget that this weekend is Arts in the Highlands-- September 19 & 20. The weather is supposed to be beautiful again.

  • You can make it a full weekend of festivals by hitting the Arts in the Highland on the 20th and enjoying America's Happiest Music at the Jug Band Jubilee on September 19.

  • Please, please tell me you're following the Fairdale Bigfoot on Twitter. And on Facebook. His new advice column will appear at Consuming Louisville soon. Email questions to fairdalebigfoot (at) gmail.com. Rumor has it, the Manbeast may run for mayor of Louisville. (no, I don't mean Uncle Mayor Jerry-- he's already said he won't run again).
Coming soon... NULU Festival, IdeaFestival... It's a good time to be a Loueyvillager.


Gabe Bullard said...

Lou, a couple issues here.

1. It wasn't supposed to be off the record, it WAS off the record. It's frustrating that more people aren't upset about a reporter being so irresponsible. Yes it's a silly thing to leak, but it was still a violation of a valuable professional code.

2. I think the VMAs are pretty disrespectful to the people who actually make the videos. Roman White wasn't handed an award for making the video. His name isn't even anywhere on Taylor Swift's official YouTube post for the video.

3. Taking the mike was pretty rude, but Kanye has shown more respect at awards shows than many other artists have. When he won "Song of the Year" he gave the trophy to Big Boi (who handed it back) because he thought UGK's track with Big Boi deserved the award. He called Lil Wayne up on stage at the BET awards to share an honor and congratulated him on going platinum. This is also a guy who has sought out unknown talent to produce tracks for and to feature on his own platinum-selling tracks. Can he go a little overboard sometime? Yes. Does he care more about art and artistic merit than 99% of the people giving and getting awards? It's hard to say no.

Gabe Bullard said...

And by "a couple issues" I mean 3.