Friday, September 11, 2009

Crazy Train rolls into Louisville (we're a major hub)

Frankly, the oversized cut out of Jim Carey's Scrooge in the lobby of Baxter Avenue Theater freaks me the heck out. And I'm really not all that excited about the upcoming Disney's A Christmas Carol film. In my humble opinion, this story has been adapted on film SO many times in SO many ways-- so many good ways, in fact (the Fonz in An American Christmas Carol, anyone?). That being said, this adaptation is going to be a big deal (because Disney tells me so) and a little bit of its Hollywood flash and sizzle is heading to town this morning. From the press release:

<>"DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL" Train Tour rolls into Louisville offering visitors an exclusive 3D sneak peek from the movie as well as a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the making of the movie—with artifacts and character designs housed in real train cars. The fun family event is totally free.

Sponsored by Hewlett Packard, the Train Tour will travel more than 16,000 miles and pass through 36 states. Amidst a winter wonderland with holiday d├ęcor and Christmas carolers, visitors will see footage from "Disney's A Christmas Carol" inside a 48-foot-wide, 2-story, inflatable 3-D theatre which will be erected in each city. Visitors can also check out the cutting-edge technology behind the film, as well as artifacts from the Charles Dickens Museum and interactive games. Radio Disney will invite kids to enter for a chance to become a Movie Surfer representing their hometown. Each Hometown Movie Surfer will get a chance to appear on Disney Channel by filming their very own Movie Surfer's segment! The whole experience is free.

Check it out at 1000 Broadway from this morning at 9am til Sunday at 4pm. Take the kiddies. Or not.

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