Friday, September 11, 2009

Original Highlands Music & Art Festival: Why You Have To Go

A little while ago it dawned on me that I had stopped accumulating Rock Star crushes. Once upon a time it seemed like there was no end to the leather-panted, long-haired parade of front men and bassists (always those two, never guitarists or drummers) that peopled my wish list. There was even room to boot the occasional malefactor from the list when his bad boy behavior became... genuinely bad. (I'm thinking of you, Scott Weiland).

The fact that there are no new additions to my Rock Star crush list isn't really a head-scratcher. The names Jonas and Wentz and Meyer don't comfortably nestle with names like Springsteen, Vedder, Le Bon (c'mon, he was beautiful in the 80's!), Bono, and Capps.

Capps? you ask.

Oh yes, Louisvillagers. Grayson Capps. And he's coming to your Original Highland Art and Music Festival on Saturday. (Can you hear my heart pounding through the series of tubes?) I first fell in love with him and his country/blues/Southern rock when we both lived in New Orleans. He played Phoenix Hill last winter, but this is your chance to hear the man in his natural environment-- outside, on a beautiful (we hope) late summer's night, surrounded by beer.

If the marriage of the OH Arts & Music Festival and Grayson Capps were a Facebook status, I would "like" it a dozen times. You'll love this man. You'll love his music. You'll love his soul. And I'd bet good money he'll end up on your Rock Star Crush list too, no matter how you roll.

PS. This year, the OH Music and Art Fest benefits Gilda's Club. That's actually a better reason why you have to go.


funambulator said...

OMG! I once saw a band playing at Live Lunch and went around the building telling everyone to go look at the singer because he looked just like the Geico Caveman.

I'm sorry to say it was this dude of which you write. Sorry, Lou!

M said...

That's hilarious!

I guess there's no accounting for (my) taste.