Monday, April 14, 2008

Louisville's Long Lost Sibling

The results have been tallied, and Louisville has been announced as the winner of Bushmills' "Twin City in America" contest!

According to today's Business First: "Bushmills chose Louisville because the city celebrates its history and heritage with festivals like Octoberfest, Irish Fest and Worldfest, and by giving its neighborhoods names like Germantown and Irish Hill. Louisville also demonstrates its craftsmanship by producing bourbon and Louisville Slugger bats and its hospitality by welcoming thousands for the Kentucky Derby every year, the company said."

Louisville is the proud recipient of not only a twin that she never knew she had but also a big, happy $40,000 check, "which must be used for preservation and advancement of the city's traditions and culture, and for programs that promote responsible drinking."

As Bushmills' contest was meant to celebrate it's 400th anniversary, if Louisville is Bushmills' twin ,that means Louisville, purported to be a mere 230 years old, has some serious 'splaining to do about those lost 170 years. That's a lot of fuzzy nights after one too many at Ye Olde Taproom or something.

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