Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update: Horse in the Race!!!


Denis of Cork nabbed a spot on the Derby yesterday when another horse was rerouted to the Preakness. Calvin Borel, last year's winning jockey (and possessor of the world's greatest "happy face"), will ride.

Borel, who was convinced that his mount Street Sense would win last year's Derby, has said about Denis of Cork: "Looking at all the other horses that have a lot of speed in the race, I think he'd overcome them so quick it'd be unbelievable."

Mama's got two futures bets on this puppy-- one at 100-1. I won't be able to retire in this baby wins, but I will probably pass out cold. Just a little heads up to those expecting to be in my general proximity on Derby Day.

While I am prone to hyperbole, this is actually not an exaggeration. Two weekends ago, Roommate and I went to Keeneland, and I put $2 across the board on a 29-1 horse named Samba Rooster in the Lexington Stakes. His numbers were just too good to ignore. Samba Rooster LED the entire race until the last turn when he was overtaken by Behindatthebar-- hmmm, who just happens to be the horse that is going to the Preakness leaving room in the Derby for my pony... a sign perhaps?

If you happened to be at Lexington that day, I was the short blonde up by the rail with her arms waving in the air, jumping up and down, shouting, "GO ROOSTER!!! GO ROOSTER!!! And when the horses made the turn and Samba Rooster started to lag back a bit, I had to grab onto Roommate's arm because I was out of breath and dizzy. Samba Rooster came in 2nd (netting me around $40, thankyouverymuch, pony). Had he won, I probably would have hit the ground in a breathless heap. I know, I know, it's not THAT much money. But it really is so... exciting!


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