Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Breaking Bad in the Highlands

This morning, Grinstead Avenue was closed due to a meth lab fire. According to the C-J article, it was a "small to medium" lab and the fire was under control within 15 minutes but the scene was still being cleaned up more than seven hours after the fire.

Back in NOLA, especially after Katrina, I used to spend a lot of time reading the message boards on our local newspaper's website. I've only just now started to pay a tiny bit of attention to those on the C-J's site. Seriously, if you ever want to have an understanding of the depths of paranoia, insanity, bigotry, and assholishry in any given community, check out its local online message boards. Whooo-eeee, that's some scary stuff. Maybe more scary than having a meth lab in your hood (albeit less detrimental to your property values).

Exhibit A from Liquidat31: The drug problem will never be under control. Never has been, never will be. That is why successful people don't live in areas the drug dealers live in. You rarely see a meth lab in Prospect or East Louisville. Occasionally a loser will slip thru the cracks, but overall those areas are filled with successful people. Therefore, if you don't like the drugs then you need to get a real income that will put you in a decent area. That is the only thing you can can't control the losers around you.

For the record, if you stood at the site of the meth lab and spit really, really hard, you might be able to hit the windows of the houses on Cherokee Road, one of the most tony 'hoods in the city and home to a lot of successful people. A bit of hyperbole, but only just... in fact, let's let MapQuest decide for us... yep, as the crow flies it's 404 feet, the length of a fairly average home run hit. So a hit, yes. A spit, no. (BTW: the world record for cherry pit spitting is a whopping 95 feet and 6.5 inches. Whoa.)


yournamehere said...

That's the "only successful people live in the East End" guy. You'd think someone so successful would have better things to do than constantly chide people online for not measuring up. What a sad, empty human being.

I can't read the CJ forums anymore. They depress me.

Anonymous said...

I read them for the pure joy of hearing stupid people write as if they aren't stupid. I saw that thread where the idiot in the "east end" (featuring a pretend "downtown" area with people pretending they are in a trendy spot that's been around all of less than a few years) tried to make everyone envy him. By thread's end, everyone expressed their disdain for him.