Friday, April 25, 2008

Comedy Caravan: Obama fundraiser 4/30

Since my well-coiffed future husband, John Edwards, resigned from the race, it will probably come as no suprise that Lou officially endorses Obama. (Please note that saying that JE is my "future husband" is no reflection on my feelings for Elizabeth Edwards-- see my review of her speaking engagement in Lexington here. She is an amazing woman and at times I liked to pretend that she was running for prez instead of John. Heck, if I swung that way, she could be my "future wife." I wish her continued health. There's always 2012.)

Next Wednesday, April 30, the Comedy Caravan hosts an Artists for Obama fundraiser featuring Tony Yates with performances by Keith McGill, Lawrence Thomas & Will Hardesty. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $15 and donations to the campaign are encouraged. Sources say that the Caravan has been receiving negative feedback for hosting this fundraiser, despite having hosted Republican events in the past without similar protest. That alone is a reason to attend-- support free speech, y'all.

Speaking of Comedy Caravan, from May 1-4, the comedy club is opening its stage to comics in town for the Derby. There's no slate of performers, but it's likely some A-list comics will show up to give impromptu shows. I'll let you know if I hear any good rumors.

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