Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Once you go Woolly, you never go back...

An unscrupulous co-worker recently introduced me to the ludicrously addictive canceled television series Veronica Mars.
Oh my gosh, she's so cute! She's so Nancy Drew! She's so hardcore! Kristen Bell can fake cry like nobody's business! That Logan... so dastardly, so kind of homely, but so oddly hubba hubba. Who killed Lilly? OMG, HE killed Lilly! That's good. I hated him! Keith Mars is, like, the best dad in the world. Back Up makes me want to buy a pit bull. My high school experience was just like Veronica's, but without the PI stuff, the high drama, the rich friends, the hot boyfriends, the great wardrobe, the perfect hair, the proximity to tropical beaches, and the convertible. Basically I was a misunderstood, outsider smart chick. I was blonde. My Wallace was an Italian boy who was also good at basketball. And my principal hated me. Ummm... yeah, that kind of wraps up the similarities. But still...

So, I mainlined Season One in a matter of days, but my co-worker/dealer connection ended there. Season One ends with VM opening the door to her apartment after the worst night of her life, busting a huge smile, and saying, "I was hoping it was you...." Who? Logan? Wallace? Eli? Please not icky Duncan!! Obviously, to quell my VM DTs, I had to get me a Season Two fix ASAP.

I'm a big fan of buying local, but I have to admit that even though just about everything points to me renting local when it comes to DVDs, I've always been sucked into the convenience of Ye Olde Blockbuster. And today was no different. It was pouring rain, and I knew that Blockbuster was a good zip-in/zip-out option. And so I hit the Big Blue Box renter after work to pick up my drug of choice.

But no dice! While Blockbuster had a whole wall full of Losts and Sopranos, there was not a VM to be had. So I bit the bullet and hopped in the ol' jalopy and drove over to the store that I should have gone to in the first place: Wild and Woolly Video on Bardstown Road.

This experience at W&W has clinched the deal. Inconvenience aside, everything else about W&W is so far superior to Blockbuster that I can't believe it took me this long to convert. The bitch is the lack of parking, and on a day like today it was a rather miserable walk in the rain to get there.

First of all, the collection at W&W has to rival the collections at some of the best DVD stores in the country. It's massive, expertly catalogued, and wildly diverse. It never crossed my mind that they wouldn't have my VM; I was only worried that it might be checked out.

Recently, I've once again become a big fan of TV. And watching TV on DVD is the way to go. The second, and probably biggest, selling point for W&W is that, unlike Blockbuster who rents TV DVDs by the individual DVD, at W&W when you rent a TV DVD, you get the whole season for one price. At Blockbuster, it would have cost me around $24 to rent the 6 DVDs for Veronica Mars' Season Two. At Wild and Woolly, I got the whole shebang for a mere $4.65!

But wait! That's not all...

Wednesday night is "Ladies' Night" and all ladies get their DVDs rent one, get one free. So I got a whopping SEVEN DVDs (and the promise of a week that's going to turn my eyeballs square) for just under $5. You can't beat that with a stick, my friends.
So, open the door, Veronica. I'm just warning you, if it's Duncan you've been hoping for, I may just skip it. After all, I only spent $5.


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Bernard said...

I've been watching TV on DVD for years. I do it via Netflix. I'll have to check out Veronica Mars.

You should check out Heroes. In Season Two, she's a crazy electrical psychopath. She's really good at it too.

My high school experience was more along the lines of "Freaks and Geeks."