Friday, June 17, 2011

Galactic at Headliners 6/17

I tweeted and blogged relentlessly about two of the best music shows to hit Louisville this year.  If you didn't see Trombone Shorty or Low Anthem at Headliners over these past couple of months, I'm so sorry you didn't follow my advice.

Trombone Shorty was energetic, sexy, funky, and wonderful.  His album, BACKATOWN, was my favorite album of 2010.

The Low Anthem, hailing from Providence, RI, are pretty much my favorite new-ish band now, and their show at Headliners was so good that it left many members of the crowd wiping away tears. They were featured in a number of top ten lists of "Bands you need to see at Bonnaroo 2011."  Their Bonnaroo 2009 show was transcendentally amazing.  In a few weeks, they start a national tour opening for Mumford and Sons, and I swear to you, they're better than Mumford and Sons. I know that may be indy-rock heresy, but they do what Mumford and Sons do... better.  But the crowd at Headliners? Tiny.

I don't think the crowd at the Galactic show will be tiny.  First of all, they've been gaining a loyal following for around a dozen years.  But seriously folks, I do NOT lead you wrong when it comes to music-- go see Galactic on June 17 (Friday) if you like a little funk, a little jazz, and a little New Orleans infusion.  Tickets are on sale for $17 or $20 at the show.

I am SUPER picky about music, but I love me some Galactic.  Back when I lived in NOLA, a couple of the members of Galactic were parents at the school where I taught.  Every year just before Jazz Fest, they would come in and play a show for the little kids... the K-6 kids... and you've never seen pure music appreciation until you've seen a hundred or so teeny tiny girls dancing their behinds off to pure NOLA funk and jazz.  Awesome.

Can't wait.

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