Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Earth Doesn't Disappoint

So, I'm thrilled to report that William Mapother's ANOTHER EARTH did not disappoint. The film lived up to and surpassed the promise of its exquisite trailer.  And while Mapother holds down a stunning performance, the movie belongs to Brit Marling. According to Mapother at the Q&A following the event, Marling, a 26 year-old Georgetown University grad, didn't even have a SAG card when she co-wrote and filmed ANOTHER EARTH. She just wanted to be an actress, so she co-wrote this film with the director.  Her performance as the tortured Rhoda... there just aren't words for it. I don't know how awards nominations work, but good Lord if this woman isn't nominated for Best Actress left and right, there's no justice in the world.

According to Mapother, this film was made for 20% of the budget of the next cheapest film in its Sundance category, where it won a Special Jury prize and the Alfred P. Sloan feature prize for movies involving science and technology.

The last time I've seen a movie this quiet and beautiful may be when I saw ONCE.  I felt on the verge of tears for days after seeing that movie (no hyperbole there).  And I feel that way about ANOTHER EARTH, a movie about unrelenting and un-healable sorrows. It's gorgeous.

The movie opens in limited release on July 22.  Visit the official website here. STAY AWAY FROM SPOILERS.

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