Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to Louisville, Qannik!

Welcome Qannik, the newest resident of Louisville Zoo's Glacier Run.  The poor sweetie was abandoned by her mother in Alaska in April.  She arrived at the Zoo via UPS late last night.  The Zoo is officially tweeting Qannik's experience at @QannickTheCubLZ, but there's a cutie-pie unauthorized tweeter at @QannikBear.

I haven't been back to the Louisville Zoo since Scotty the baby elephant died. That wasn't really a conscious decision, but I was utterly heartbroken when Scotty died.  Then Misha, the sweet little gorilla baby who had to be transferred to Columbus when she was wounded by other gorillas in Louisville, died.  And, I've always been of two minds about zoos and aquariums, you know? (That being said, when I was looking for a job post-Katrina, I applied to the education departments of every zoo and aquarium I could think of... never got a single call back.  I guess they want you to, you know, know something about animals/fish.)

But not only do we now have a wee polar bear for the newly reopened Glacier Run, we also have a new baby girl giraffe born last Monday.

So it's time to go back to the zoo.  Welcome, Qannik!  Sorry it's so hot. Just you wait til December, dear.

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