Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yew Dell Third Thursdays

Are you dragging from Ye Olde Thyme Change too?  Since we "fell back" on Sunday, I have been plum tuckered out by 7p or 8p.  Which is so weird, right?  I'm a night owl.  It's not like pre-Thyme Change, I was packing it in by 8p or 9p.  Someone explain the biology here.  It sure can't be the weather-- is it okay to call this an Indian Summer?  Today's high is 78-- and it's mid-November.  LOVE IT.  

Well, I love the weather except the part about not knowing what the heck to put on my body when I wake up in the morning.  It's 40 degrees when I leave for work and in the high 70's by the time I get home.  Not to mention that the Meatspace Workplace switched over from all-AC-all-the-time to all-blowtorch-all-the-time a few weeks ago.  It's a pickle, let me tell you.  Upon seeing people walking down Bardstown Road in everything from a tank top and jeans to a wool coat and boots, Roommate said: "It looks like a thrift store exploded out there."  Amen.

Despite the glorious weather out there (just last weekend I was in Cleveland, and it was SNOWING), this is the time of year where I start to need a big ol' dose of joy on a fairly regular basis. And when I think of Harry Pickens, joy totally pops into my head. Love the music.  Love the way he occupies his keyboard space with his, like, ten foot tall body folded up and making anything less than a GIANT grand piano look like the baby piano Schroeder plays in the Peanuts.  Love that man.

I wish I had a better website to send you to, but Yew Dell Gardens is sponsoring concerts every third Thursday of the month, and next week the featured performer is the Harry Pickens Trio.  Click on that link, but unfortunately the Yew Dell site only says it's $12 for members and $15 for non-members, and it starts at 7pm.  Here's an article from the CJ about the redone barn that the musicians play in.  Looks gorgeous.  And joyful.   

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