Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So Much Going On...

... and I've been so quiet lately.  Sorry, y'all.  My bout of pneumonia dovetailed quite nicely with a business trip...

So pardon me for the "clearing house" post:

  • Can you smell it?  It's in the air.  It kind of smells... well, like teen spirit.  Yes, folk, there's a pungent whiff of Bieber in the air.  Check out Jeffrey Lee Pucket's take on the cocky little summabich.
  • As someone who lives very near Mid City Mall, I was thrilled to see that over the weekend a group of people convened to think about the future of that underutilized facility.  Just don't touch my movie theater/comedy club/grocery store/City Cafe/library.  (Seriously kids, Mid City Mall is a trainwreck in some ways, but how many malls can boast its unique combination of venues??).  Read the skinny over at Brandon Klayko's site.  
  • I'm still giddy with joy after reading Michelle's post about the good people at the Louisville Beer Store and their hope to bring LBS AND pommes frites cones (YUM!) to the former Lonnie's on Bardstown.  (See, even just typing that, I had to dance a little... I could practically chuck a rock from my front porch to that building.  Not that I would... but...)
  • Hearsay is that the Whale (the Bucket, the Toaster, the Fish... c'mon y'all, let's decide on ONE nickname) is pretty pretty inside and that the shows there have been going swimmingly.  Still need to check it out.
  • Don't forget, you have til Sunday to enter my contest to win tickets to Cirque Dreams Holidaze!  Enter here
  • The lovely and talented Ms. Erin Keane has let us in on what to expect from Humana Festival 2011 (the most wonderful time of the year... Ok, I know I say that a lot.).  Lots of stuff sounds great, but so many "friends of the festival"?  Would love to see more shiny new playwright faces there. (Maybe because I'd love to be a shiny new playwright some day meself)
  • This weekend the Louisville Orchestra is playing along to Hitchcock's Psycho.  How freaking brilliant is that?  
  • And while I was visiting the Louisville Orchestra site, I happened to notice that on Nov 20, they're doing a tribute to the Boston Pops.  Now I know there are a LOT of New England ex-pats (and ex-PATS fans) here in the Louey, and I'm sure you have many, many happy childhood memories of Arthur Fielder and the Pops. It's making me all kinds of nostalgic just thinking about it.
  • It's also the Festival of Trees over at Slugger-- and Dickens night is Friday.  
  • AND "A Christmas Story" opens this week at Actor's.  I saw it last year, and it was FANTASTIC.  Really.  Go see it.  It will set you right down in the middle of festive and joy.
Ok kids, there's much much more, but I will leave you with that.  I will try not to catch the pneumonia and leave you high and dry again.  (That being said, guess who's going to Disney World next week?  Well, a Disney World area hotel and convention center.  But a girl can dream, no?)

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