Thursday, November 11, 2010

Delivery is my Favorite Food Group: Papalino's & Papa John's

My dear longtime, loyal readers (all two of you-- hi friends!) know that way back in 2008 during Hurricane Ike (September 14, but who's counting, right?) a big ol' honking tree leveled a full one-third of Casa Lou-- BOOM! CRASH! right down to the foundation.  Roommate (who, lucky devil, had himself a lady friend in another hemisphere and was gone most of the time) and I were forced to live in a hotel for 8 months while the bathroom and kitchen were rebuilt from the ground up.  

Ah... the good old days at the ResInn.  Good, good people there.  Made a bad situation much more bearable.

I mention this only because the silver lining to that particularly heinous hurricane cloud (made all the more heinous because I was undergoing chemo at the time) was that Lou got herself a brand spanking new, top of the line kitchen.  (Well, maybe not TOP of the line... but you know, somewhere in the upper regions of the line).  And I thought-- I hoped, at least-- that having a beautiful new kitchen would change me.  That my slate countertops and stainless steel appliances would help me morph into Martha Stewart or Giada DeLaurentiis  (RIP, btw, to Giada's grandpa Dino).  

Alas, it was not to be. 

And delivery remains my favorite food group.

So good news everyone!  Especially me.  I have two great new delivery pizza scoops for you.

#1-- PAPALINO'S IS NOW DELIVERING.  Oh yeah, baby, you heard me right.  Only whole pies and 2 liter drinks.  Only within a one mile radius (woo hoo!).  And only during the winter months. But it's a good start, my friends. Call 'em at 502-749-8525.  Check out the website (linked earlier) for a menu and specials (and I assume eventually a delivery map).  If you follow me on Twitter (@loueyville), you'll know that Papalino's November special (whole pies only) is a roasted turkey, gravy, and potato pie.  Yum!  

#2-- I know a lot of us are anti fast food, but I have to admit, my go-to delivery pizza has always been Papa John's.  And at least they're a local company.  But now I have a BIG reason to support Papa John's.  At least on Tuesdays.  Pardon me as I cut and paste a little here: Starting Tuesday, November 16th and continuing every Tuesday throughout the next year, when you place an order at any Louisville area corporate run Papa Johns and tell them you want your order to credit the Derby City Film Festival, a portion of your order will be donated to the festival. This promotion is good for in store orders, phone orders and online orders. If you order online you will need to enter "DCFILMFESTIVAL" in the PROMO CODE box before completing your order.  

I'll say it again: good news, everyone!  


Laura said...

i just received some good delivery news yesterday. i went to joe davola's on barret and found out that they deliver to anywhere in the city for free, with no minimum charge, up to one hour before close. they close at 6 on weekdays and 4 on weekends. i recommend the I Art-ti-choke-ya salad.

Lara said...

this makes me incredibly excited. I actually have pizza on the way as we speak!

Jules said...

I love, love, love Papalino's. Unfortunately- I am sure they will never deliver over here on the "Sunny side"- but I am not at all adverse trekking to Baxter Ave for such good 'za. We are now rotating between there and Spinnelli's.

M said...

Laura: my love of Joe Davola's knows no bounds. Not only are the folks that work there the NICEST people in the whole darned city, their food is SO good. I do a happy dance just thinking about their soups. If I don't make it there once a week, my week feels hollow and empty. (Even though I frigging HATE Seinfeld!) So glad to know more about their delivery. I'm behind on my "Awesome Louisvillagers" posts... maybe I need to hit them up.

Jules & Lara: have either of you had Papalino's calzones? I've only heard one review, and it was BAD! I'm bonkers for their pizza. Best in the city X 1000! That being said, I'll still patronize Papa John's. Especially on Tuesdays with this offer to support the film fest.

** LOU