Thursday, October 28, 2010

Only Good News from Lexington I've Heard in Weeks

Hey Lexington!  I know y'all have had it rough lately what with all these silly elections and curb-stomping incidents and whatnot.  

But there's a light at the end of ye olde tunnel, my Lexfriends!

GROUPON is coming to Lexington!  Sign up now to make sure you get the first email deal!

And Louisvillagers who travel to Lexington on a regular basis, you should get on that mailing list too.  I'm signed on to Groupon lists for Louisville, Cincy, AND New Orleans.  Might have to add Lexington to that list for our occasional forays to Keeneland.

See Lexfriends, things will get better.

[glances as poll numbers]

Or not.

But at least you'll have Groupon.

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