Saturday, October 9, 2010

LATE NOTICE: Zappos Outlet $10 Sale!

Despite the fact that I am suffering from "the creeping cruds," as Big Mama Lou would call them (ie. a cold/sickness that starts one place and migrates throughout your body), I decided that I could hold off on a visit to the Zappos Outlet no longer.  It's getting to be closed-toed shoe/boot weather, and I am plum out of options on those, having run every pair of winter shoes-- save my Uggs-- into the ground over the past couple of years.

(Did you know, by the way, that if you google "Zappos Outlet Kentucky," mine is the first article that comes up?)

My visit today did not disappoint.  I got a pair of Tsonga boots, a pair of Clark's pumps, and a pair of J41 heels for around $75 with my $30 Living Social certificate.  Lou is ready for the winter.  (Well, no, I'm not, but my feets are!)

Since my last visit in late Spring, the outlet has changed their name to the Outlet, and they've added a kind of ragtag assortment of high-end clothes.

Today's sale was 50% off everything (as usual) and 60-70% off specially tagged stuff.

I was quite satisfied to maybe not make another Zappos run until the spring until this notice came through Facebook: Outlet ‎10-10-10 only!! All Sandals are $10 FINAL PRICE*! All Yellow, Green, and Grey tagged merchandise is $10 FINAL PRICE! All White Pants are $10 FINAL PRICE! *Please see store for details. Sandals must be open toed and open heeled. We will be open from 12p-6p.


Ceece said...

hmmm... I know what I'll be attempting to do tomorrow. dang it Lou!

Wanna carpool?

M said...

Not sure I will be up for another trip tomorrow. I have about 12 hours of paperwork yet to do this weekend, and I am still sicky sick. But I might! Tweet me around an hour before you want to go!